Monday, September 8, 2014

Screaming and Swimming and Working Out Kinks

At exactly 2 months old, we started weekly "swim lessons".
At this age the lessons are more like glorified recreational bath time in a big, heated, and specially treated swimming pool for kids, with toys and props to help stimulate the senses and developmentally appropriate activities to activate certain responses in the babies when exposed to water oriented activities, while getting them accustomed to the feel of it all (like tummy time on a big flat floating foam board, which is a great workout while getting them used to the feeling of buoyancy......or supporting them on the their backs with their ears under water, so they can get used to the way it feels and sounds........ or bouncing them from side to side, which teaches them to catch their breath when they feel like they're falling towards the water)
I can't say it was a big hit at first.
I didn't know the words to any of the songs, nor could I learn them from all the screaming in my ear. Patrick was very late, due to some bad traffic.
And Dillon......well, he was the one screaming. The only one screaming. Every other baby there seemed to be enjoying themselves, except for him. The other parents just sent smiles of sympathy my way, but I wondered if they secretly hoped we wouldn't be returning.
The next week, it seemed like we had scared all the other parent/baby duo's away. With the entire lesson to ourselves, it gave the teacher time to explain how each activity benefited Dillon and I could actually hear her because he was......wait for it.......enjoying himself!
 It may have helped that I offered him a snack just before the lesson and he had a really good nap before leaving the house (it's super hard to time these things just right, but when everything falls perfectly into place it makes me feel super awesome). 
By week three, two more babies showed up to class, and I was the one running late (due to a massive illy timed blow out just before leaving the house). Dillon was hungry as soon as we arrived (like he always is after he "makes room"), and we were only able catch the last 15 minutes of class. We are still working out the kinks. 
It's a good thing the lessons are free, because it's been quite the learning process, but it's a great way to meet parents with babies of similar ages, get out of the house for a fun activity, and good exposure for our little Milk Monster!


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