Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What's a Blowout?

Inaugural day at Mclane Stadium. 
If we could be cookies or roast humans, that's exactly what we would have been after baking on the brand spankin' new black top asphalt for 4 hours in the August heat. Even with my attempts at hiding under an umbrella, I still managed to get mildly sunburned, and looked like a drowned rat from my own sweat. It sounds like a ton of fun, right? Regardless of our preferred tailgating conditions, coming out to celebrate this occasion was not optional, especially as a family of season ticket holders.  
Thousands of people joined us for Baylor's first game in the brand new football stadium, and every single person there was giddy with excitement. Helicopters swarmed the sky, fancy boats occupied the river sail-gaiting spots, and fans populated the entire radius like a colony of ants. A sold out season in it's finest.
But first, we kept tradition intact by meeting at Rudy's for a pre-tailgate BBQ lunch.
 And then, we checked out the new conveniently located family gig, the Wink's recently opened scooter store, Oso Scooters ("oso" is Spanish for "bear"......get it?)!!! Baylor campus never had it so good........a scooter store for rentals and purchases to get to and from class, dorms, and games......say what?!?!?
Back to the game.
By half time, we could barely hold our eyes open.......because being a parent automatically initiates you into the Ol'-Geezer-Bedtime Club.
I was so deliriously tired, my Mom asked me, "Was it a blow out?" (in reference to the game), and I told her a blow out is when you poop so big it leaks out of your diaper (thinking she asked, "what is a blowout?"). But yes, it was a blowout......a very sloppy one (pun intended).

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