Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I Think I Can, I Think I Can: Week 39

I hit rock bottom this week and officially turned into a whiner (I'm annoyed at myself for even writing this, knowing how fortunate I am to have made it this far with basically no problems), not that it's completely unjustified. After exhausting all coping mechanisms of dealing with certain unmentionable things happening to very particular hard to reach unmentionable parts of my body and having to tell someone about it over the phone, I just felt like crying. Basically sleepless, essentially helpless, in an impractical amount of discomfort, and now adding fundamentally mortified to the list....... I'd almost convinced myself an elective c-section would actually be worth it.  Almost.
But then I reminded myself that our bodies are always stronger than our minds give them credit for, and I have a solid support system to help me endure these last days, however many that ends up being. 
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
It's a bizarre feeling, parts of my body meeting other parts of my body that aren't typically suppose to be introduced. I even have the backs of the seats in our vehicles leaned back a little too much for Patrick's comfort, just to keep my belly from resting so heavy on my lap that it inhibits my diaphragm from being able to expand. Patrick calls this "pimpin'".
I've gone for long walks, cleaned a ton of crap, and got a pedicure (my mom paid the big bucks so they'd rub our legs and feet for an extra long amount of time).......with still nothing more than false labor to report.  Dr. B says I look way too happy and comfortable (pphhhsssttt......If you call barely being able breathe most times, it's so tight under my ribs, and starting to feel like my bladder is being pushed out of my vajayjay "comfortable"......than sure. I'm SUPER COMFY!) to be delivering a baby anytime this week but I hope he's wrong!!! Time is running out and I REALLY don't want to be induced!
In other predictable news, Dr. B has become curious to just how gigantic Cotton is, again, and we have a ultrasound scheduled for Monday, which is our due date.
Until then, it looks like we'll continue to play the waiting game (strung out to feel as long as possible since I get at least one text or call a day from someone asking if anything has changed)!!! We've waited a LONG time for this baby......what's a couple of more weeks......right?


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