Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Honesty is the Best Policy

As beautiful as our walks have been lately, I'd like to say they've been equally as relaxing, but that'd be a complete lie on my behalf (I'm many things, but a lier isn't usually one of them). Actually, as much as I typically enjoy walks this time of year, now days they just feel like more of a chore.

Not only does my gait resemble that of a penguin (even with a support belt), but Patrick has to push me up any "steep" hills (I'd probably topple over with him spotting me...or just turn around and find a different route), and a 21 minute mile is my newest version of "speedy".  
Keeping this in mind, it was extremely sweet when Patrick tried to convince me that the guy at the Apple store was trying to hit on me last week when I went in to get my vintage first generation iTouch repaired (it got overwhelmed when we tried to sync it for the first time since April 2008!). I'm giggling at the thought now.......and I'm sure when I got honked at during a walk this week it was because the driver was giving me kudos for not requiring a wheelchair at my current size, instead of the reason I used to get honked at.
Luckily, the puppies don't mind too much, as long as they get to walk far enough ahead of their human mom for her to not be a total embarrassment.....
....but with all the wild flowers in full bloom, it's been increasingly difficult to keep those four-legged-hairballs-of-cuteness out of the bur harboring weeds that look so elegantly sweet and charming with their delicate white blooms, but posses ulterior motives, like getting matted in the fur of innocent explorers.......remember a couple of seasons ago when Sumo got into them so bad we had to shave him and he looked like we'd just adopted him from the pound? I couldn't even look at him the same way for weeks.......shallow, I know.
These poor pups seriously have no idea how much their world is about to change!
With the outdoor heat and my internal body temperature on the rise, we've been hitting up Pinkberry once a week for the last month! I think I've mentioned this before, but I feel really bad for anyone who's never had this heavenly frozen yogurt. 
They have a new summer flavor out, lemonade, that's even more tart than the original and I can't get enough of it, as evidenced by this not so flattering picture the husband took of me stuffing my face!
I guess what I'm trying to say is, screw exercise, frozen yogurt is way better than anything the great outdoors can offer me at this point!!!! Honesty is the best policy (most of the time)!


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