Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quite the Agenda

Remember when I mentioned earlier this week that thing about walking???
Well here's the evidence!! What I didn't mention is eating Hypnotic Donuts first. That place makes me happy.
My Mom and cousin Blake came to visit for the weekend with plans of helping us get some last minute stuff accomplished and cooking good food, and with only so many precious days left before the weather turns into triple digits, we took them to White Rock Lake to enjoy the wildflowers in bloom.
There's such a small window of the year when everything is so effortlessly green. 
We took, what could be, our very last family photo with just us 2 humans (if you don't count that gigantic belly I'm sporting) and 2 fur babies (who were apparently way more interested in something other than posing for the camera).
On our way out, I took notice to the most solid blanket of fallen cottonwood blooms I'd ever seen before in my life. 
Impressed by the irony and beauty of it all, I had to plop myself down in the middle of it for a cheesy photo or two. 
I'm so glad to be practically immune to all the gorgeously disguised allergens floating around during the spring season, but sadly my Mom and Blake fell victim, so we called it a day and headed indoors.
Lucky for us, indoors happens to be a very pleasant place where men cater to our every need, including but not limited to bringing my mom margaritas and holding her straw up to her mouth to prevent her manicure from slowing down her alcohol consumption.
Now that's what I call a Saturday agenda!!!

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