Saturday, June 28, 2014

#dillonaday Weekly Roundup 1-2

#1 My going home outfit is a little big, but that just makes me all the cuter! - June 20
#2 Spending quality burping time with Daddy. - June 21
#3 Watch out world! I have a dimple and I know how to use it! - June 22
#4 This is my 3rd outfit for the day. I had on my rocker suit, to get hyped up for my circumcision, but then I peed all over it. So mommy put me in my "rocking out" onsie, but it should have said "blowout" onsie, because that's exactly what I did at the urology clinic, and then peed everywhere when daddy changed me. Maybe if I'm lucky, I can pee all over the jerk that's about to ruin my day. - June 23
#5 Two days in a row of doctors appointments and errands calls for an afternoon nap with Mommy. My pediatrician says I'm already growing like a weed and based on the size of my feet, I'm going to be a BIG boy when I grow up! - June 24
#6 A boy and his dog...... (Callie has been very motherly since we brought Dillon home.) - June 25
#7 Daddy's getting me trained early. Sic 'em Bears!!!!! - June 26
#8 I love it when my Mommy wears me. I go from bright eyed and bushy tailed to out cold in a matter of minutes. - June 27
#9 Working on the development of my double chin is unbelievably exhausting; I think I'll just take a nap on this here arm hammock. - June 28 


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