Monday, June 16, 2014

Final Eviction Notice: Week 41

I started writing this while sitting on a birthing ball, in a sweaty recovery, post just a few short of a million squats. I finished writing this post cleaning our entire house from top to bottom, stopping only so often to eat and to bounce on that infamous blue ball that's supposed to make magic happen. Whether this baby is bashful, lazy, comfortable, or just plain stubborn, he/she has managed to stay in the womb despite the odds. When I say "odds", I'm talking about anything and everything that would normally send a baby screaming into the world.

Hail/thunderstorms- check
Crazy once in a lifetime full moons- check
Day of bad luck that no one wants to have their baby on, aka Friday the 13th- check.
Prostaglandins, herbs, and stimulation- check.
Exercise, acupressure, deep breathing/relaxation, and hip opening techniques- check.
Cliche induction promising foods- check.
Prayer- check.
Doing all of these things pre and post due date- check.

Patrick took the day off work to spend extra alone time with me while our anticipation began to build of what's to come with this whole induction process. This entire journey has been a tweaking process of our ever growing patience, and I'm sure it's just the beginning of the patience we'll be developing as parents. It's difficult to absorb.....the whole reality that we will actually have a baby in our arms in the very near and real future. I feel ready, excited, and also slightly terrified that I'll forget everything I already know about babies.
Here's to a safe delivery, above all things. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers!


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