Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Still Waiting: Week 40

We got to see Cotton's chubby cheeked squished face on ultrasound for the very last time, to measure size and ensure it's safe to continue to wait for him/her to arrive. Cotton's measuring in the 64th percentile on the growth chart, with long legs, and estimated to weigh about 7lb 10oz.
One way or another, this time is coming to a close.....whether Cotton decides to come out on his/her own or not (I was unfortunately dilated to a big fat ZERO this week, and apparently my cervix is "hiding out in Minnesota", so I was sent home with lots of homework---as if any of my efforts have done any good so far-- and an induction is scheduled to start on Sunday evening, Father's day Monday evening). Dr. B wanted to mentally prepare me for a long induction day with the possibility of a c-section if something doesn't surprisingly change this week, which has me now concerned I'll be throwing all my time studying/practicing for a natural birth out the window.
Instead of focusing on how frustrated I am, I thought this would be a great time talk about what I'll miss about being pregnant and what I look forward after this time is over.......in no particular order

What I'll miss:
1. Being able to feel the baby move all the time.
2. How much nicer and considerate the general public treats me.
3. Eating a big meal and not having to worry about sucking in after.
4. Getting to skip out on XRAY time in the mornings at work.

What I look forward to:
1. Witnessing Cotton's personality develop and seeing what kind of amazing person he/she will be.
2. Cuddles.
3. Not having my wardrobe be restricted to the handful of oversized stretchy clothes I own.
4. Being able to bend over to pick something up without having to give myself a pep talk first and make grunting noises the entire time (Confession: I dropped something at work the other night and after calculating the grief it would cause me to pick it up over the inconvenience it would cause some other innocent passerbyer, I shamelessly walked away, abandoning the dropped object, while hoping no one would curse me for doing so.).
5. Seeing Patrick be the awesome father that I know he is capable of being.

**Edited to push back the induction date by one day.......COULD THIS LAST ANY LONGER???? haha**


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