Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One More Trimester to Go: Week 27

I'm not even joking when I say I went to a regular ol' barbell class and was sore for the next 6 days!!! I wanted to cry when the sweetest lady helped set up my station without asking. I was also just introduced to a really fun and short workout video online that Jess and I did the other night when we got sleepy at work; it's less than 4 minutes long and a good little heart rate raiser!
I wont be able to take my 3 hour Glucose Tolerance Test until Friday morning, so we'll all just have to sit on the edge of our seats until next week for any results, but I appreciate all your encouragement and well wishes tremendously!
The funnest thing that's happened this week is when Cotton kicked Patrick in the back while we were still in bed cuddling early one morning. At really feisty moments, I can feel the baby kicking me in the ribs and punching me near my hip bone all at the same time. 
I've always been a dreamer, but these days my dreams are becoming more and more frequent and equally bizarre. One night, about an hour before going to sleep, I noticed I had a few randomly placed red bumps/scabs on my right forearm. Later that night I had a very vivid dream that I survived being attacked by a cougar, somehow managing to escape with only those real life spots on my arm for battle wounds. I later (in my dream) told everyone I came into contact with about my survival story and eagerly showed them the evidence. 
I finally took out my belly button ring, since it was starting to show through all of my clothes. Considering it's been there for 15 years, it's really strange to have a naked umbilicus. I remember the random summer day my parents surprised me by pulling up to the tattoo/piercing shop while running errands in Waco and just turning around to look at me, casually asking, "You ready?"
"Ready for what?........OH!....HECK YES. I've only been begging for over a year!" I'm pretty sure the Red Hot Chili Peppers were playing on the radio. It was a time when blue jean shorts weren't infused with stretchy elastic/spandex and rose well up to the belly button region. Ouch. 
I'm currently a berry fiend, particularly but not exclusively black berries (especially the extra juicy ones from Costco); Cotton loves them as well. 
I've decided that the consistent left lumbar discomfort I've been feeling for the last few weeks is sciatic pain, which would explain why no amount of stretching has dampened it, but I'm just thankful it's my only real issue at this point; it could be way worse. I'm sure since this is the last week of 2nd trimester bliss, a whole new can of worms will be in store for me in the coming weeks, and I plan to "enjoy" every minute of it! We are down to only double digit days before Cotton makes an appearance into this world and in the midst of it I've made what feels like a hundred appointments this week: maternity pictures, 3D/4D ultrasound appointment, couples breastfeeding class, childbirth classes, etc!! I also filled out my last full schedule at work before my absence for maternity leave begins, which felt surreal.
Two trimesters down, one more to go!!!!

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