Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things

My favorite thing about Saltgrass Steak house is the loud music they play in the bathroom, so a lady can do her business and not worry about who's listening. 
My other favorite thing about restaurants in general is having good food and service already coordinated, so us girls can focus on fun stuff, like decorating, talking, and playing with babies!
And my favorite thing about being pregnant is how overly sweet everyone is to you, like telling you how beautiful or good you look, not letting you bend over to pick things up off the floor, and rushing out of the way when you walk through a room like they're making room for royalty.
We are patiently waiting for baby Holden to arrive, so in the mean time we threw a shower to get momma-to-be Cristina all prepared for his arrival! His nursery theme is focused a lot on natural colors with a hint of blue, which was super easy to design around.
Ale constructed these adorable mini diaper cakes for the long table, and I traced and cut out every single one of those scrap book paper stars. 
And per the trend, I crafted another pennant banner, adding a name this time with stencils and acrylic paint. 
I used a different kind of material, experimentation in it's finest, going for the more natural burlap look, and with my amateur skills, ended up breaking 2 needles just trying to figure out how to properly adjust the thread tension!!!
Luckily bread solves all stresses.
I also crafted a jute rope "H" from cardboard lettering (thanks for the idea, Pinterest), which turned out amazing. 
Jessica did a fabulous job on the main diaper cake!

So much greatness was squeezed into a little shower, my favorite probably being the pom pom tree. 
I actually took a limb from a fresh pile of landscaped trees in our neighborhood just days prior and had no idea just how big it was until the night before, when I brought it inside to put in the vase.............the darn thing took up our entire dining room!!! I hadn't taken a limb, I'd taken a whole tree (not really, but DANG it was large and in charge). Patrick helped me tame it, and Ale got to work making her first ever tissue paper poms, which couldn't have turned out more beautiful! 
Everything was under control, until Nicole came rolling into the room with her bus of a stroller, stress us new future mom's out!!! Just the look of that thing was intimidating!  
Thankfully, God only gives multiples to certain types of people....I mean, look at the smile on her face! And it helps that her daughters are gleeful little angels.
And a wiped out baby registry later, we are ready to love on Mr. Holden.......any time now.......

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