Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Don't Act Like You're Not Impressed

Prepare yourself. This is mostly about food.
But first, and most importantly, Patrick has some exciting news!!! He is now officially ordained and ready to join two hearts together in Holy matrimony!!! Fancy. For all you love birds out there wanting to get hitched or renew your vows.......I can hook you up!
Second on my list of randoms, after years of holding my arms up in the air so long I thought they'd fall off and still failing miserably at the task at hand, I finally figured out how to french braid my own hair!!!! Seriously, I feel so successful. 
And while on the subject of success, I finally got smart and cracked the code on why blogger has been bleaching out my photos since November of last year!!! Not that you care or even noticed, but apparently Google+ thought they'd be clever and try to "fix" the photos that I've already fixed....but I "fixed" that by disabling the auto-enhancement application that automatically gave itself privileges to destroy my artwork. Thanks, but no thanks, Google.  
I love FroYo so much that I went out and had it by myself last Saturday when Patrick was out of town and I got cancelled from work......but sharing it with others is the a couple of weekends ago when Patrick, Emily and I had some of the yummy goodness while playing the ol' peg game!! (Full disclosure: I did the worst out of the 3 of us, by the way.)
Did you know it isn't cool anymore to say "FroYo"? That's what my very in-the-know-niece informed me, anyway. Dang it, I've got to try and keep up with my hipness a little better. 
I happened to make some amazing banana nut bread, sprinkled with semi-sweet chocolate chips. 
And my brother just happened to make some pretty tasty gelato and brought it over. 
I guess that means the two MUST be paired together, with the bread warmed, and chopped hazelnuts sprinkled on top. YUMMY!!!!
"Don't act like you're not impressed." --Ron Burgandy


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