Friday, March 7, 2014

Long Story Short, I Failed: Week 26

We made a huge baby purchase this week!!! Holy crap, cribs are expensive! 
I actually had a crib picked out since November, but since I found it online I figured I'd better check it out in person, so a couple of weeks ago I made a special point to drive to a very special store. As it turns out, the "weathered grey" I loved online looked more like an awful putrid tan in real life, something I'd never be able to live with, so we were back to square one.
After looking at a hundred cribs that looked almost exactly the same, I finally found one that stood out from the crowd and convinced Patrick it was "the one". I wish I had a picture of the look on his face when he discovered a mattress and bed skirt wasn't included in the crib price; it was classic.
Cotton officially has a way more expensive bed than we do (but I guess since every part about our bed was a hand-me-down, and therefore free, just about anything would beat ours).
Monday was suppose to be my dreaded 1 hour glucose tolerance test, but the doctor's office called exactly 30 minutes before my appointment to let me know they were closed for the day on account of bad weather! 
Sleet covered roads in March is a little crazy; even the puppies recognized it was a day meant for naps and cuddles, but I was ready to get that crappy test over with!
Coincidentally, the office didn't call back to get me rescheduled until I was taking my afternoon nap, since I had to work that night, and I made my appointment half asleep. When I woke up, I had no idea when I'd rescheduled my appointment for and couldn't call back to find out because they were still closed!
Luckily, I was able to squeeze into their schedule after I'd gotten off work the next day.......but unluckily I got the bad news a day later informing me I failed the test! They like to see blood sugars less than 130 an hour after drinking the sugar drink and mine was 148. Darn the devil. 
Long story short, I need everyone to pray I pass my 3 hour glucose tolerance test next week, because if I don't, I will officially be diagnosed with gestational diabetes and have to abide to a severely strict diet and monitor my blood sugars. Booooooo. I have very sensitive fingers and would rather keep them virgins to needle exposure. 

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