Friday, August 23, 2013

ME? Tongue Tied???

When I discovered Blue October was having a mini concert at Barnes & Nobles to promote their new album "Sway", I HAD to go, so I headed to Dallas after work to buy a CD, reserving the lucky 57th seat out of only 60 available.
With still a few hours before the concert started, I attempted to take nap, but my excitement paired with the beautiful sunshine blaring through the car windows proved counteractive, so I killed time by browsing North Park Mall, eating cheap Tom Thumb sushi, reading as much of Into the Wild as I could without paying for it, and trading tattoo stories and favorite concert experiences with surrounding music enthusiasts.
Abandoning my bed with less than minimal sleep in a 48 hour period due to my unconventional work schedule was worth every minute of sacrificed sleep, which I proved by being the only person with a seat who actually stood for the 6 song set (show some enthusiasm, people).
Justin Furstenfeld (a southern Texas native, who resides and recently married in one of my favorite parts of Hill Country) sang his ass off, hiding behind nothing but a smile. "It feels good to have something happy to write about. You can't smile when you're singing about turmoil," he exclaimed after the opening song. I've always admired his brutal honesty and uncensored lyrics, feeling connected to them in some way. Dark or light, I enjoy listening to the unapologetic style no mater what kind of mood I'm in. 
I found myself fighting back tears when he sang Fear, his newest self proclaimed favorite, with such sincerity and truth that it really touched my heart relating to my struggles from this past year.
He goes on to explain how he put his wife through hell and back in the beginning of their relationship and Bleed Out, is that story told through her eyes. (My ol' trusty camera pulled through for me once again.)
 You probably have a preverbial filing cabinet  of cleverly loaded compliments you plan to unload on the plate of any given one of our idols, happen you ever get the chance to meet them. So did I. Did. 
But as Justin was autographing my CD, all I blurted out was, "My husband wanted me to tell you 'Hi.'" I felt like I needed to fulfil Patrick's wish since he was missing out on all the fun.
"Hi, Husband," he replied, smiling again.
Feeling like I needed to describe my fanship a little better I continued. "He's been listening to y'all ever since you used to play at Treff's in Waco." What? I have a blog pretty much about me, I talk about me a lot, I think about me all the time, yet when I'm present with the opputunity to meet one of my favorite bands all I can do is talk about my husband? Have I been BRAINWASHED.....HYPNOTIZED?
"Wow; that's awesome."
I finally managed to gather my thoughts enough to tell the rest of the band how oustanding their performance was, receiving grateful feedback and seemingly surpised reactions. 
And now Patrick already likes for me to retell him the story of how I told Justin he said "Hi". 

Who is your favorite band of all time?

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