Monday, August 5, 2013

I Married A Genius

Along with a long fairly-tale list of wishes, like being able to wear heels next to her husband without feeling monstrous, or never having to squash a bug ever again, what heterosexual girl doesn't dream of seduction by song, having a man of her very own serenading her with an instrument?
I'm married a genius, a supreme specimen of the male species, a prime example of a husband who knows the way to his woman's heart by making sure the kitchen is always a clean slate for cooking, isn't prejudice about laundering chores, and comes home to look me over in the my most raw and rough of forms with unwashed hair, tattered baggy clothes, exposed imperfect skin, and affectionately say as he's gazing deep into my doo-doo brown eyes, "You look absolutely stunning today."
As if that wasn't enough, he tells me I'm smart and writes sweet love songs about how much he loves me while I'm at work, spending hours recording them in the kpLOVE studio until they sound like an entire band is in on the action.
Without a doubt, I picked a good one, and that makes me a genius, right
Thank you Hunny, for always making sure I know how special and beautiful you think I am. 

P.S. I can't stop listening to this song. 

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