Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Pleasant Surprise

Everything just fell into place, really. I was suppose to work all weekend, so Patrick went to Waco without me for a family gathering. But then a friend asked for a switch, and although only having off one night nestled smack in the middle of 3 is a big stinker, I was happy to make the trade when a friend of a friend offered me 2 free concert tickets to the Gexa Pavillion. 
Gavin Degraw got the night started with some positive energy. He dedicated his performance to the late and great Kidd Kraddick after saying a few nice words, then ran through the crowd to spread the love.  
"Are you having fun dancing alone in the middle of thousands of people?" my brother asks me as he's doing his best impression of a petrified bump on a log. 
"Heck ya. I'm fired up! I could care less about what other people are thinking or doing and you shouldn't either." My kid brother is could probably embarrass himself just by picking his nose in front of the mirror; I hope he grows out of it someday. 
The Script is from Ireland, so between almost every song they made sure to let us know how they were melting like snowmen in hell. "At least we're useful and melt into whiskey," they'd add. The lead singer showed off his major chops by singing "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" a capella, then to perk things up again, asked someone in the audience to call an ex-boyfriend and give him the phone. He verified someone was on the other end of the call, had the audience say hello, and then sang "Nothing" to Carson, the ex on the phone, pausing every now and then to make sure he was still on the other end of the call and holding the phone screen up to the cameras so we could see. "Did you hear that, asshole?" he asked Carson when the song was over, having the audience close the call with, "Goodbye, asshole!" Oh those Irish boys........
I wanted to send the hubby a picture to rub it in that he was missing out on a good show.....obviously Dusty is a terrible photographer because he made me look totally off my rocker. A pro would have found a way to make that pose look sexy. 
Patrick, the lead singer for Train showed a little extra love to the crowd by grabbing people's phones and taking selfies with them, and then walked through the pit after asking the crowd to marry him and sang "Marry Me". When he came back on stage he proceeded to explain how when we walked through the crowd, a very tall man patted him on the head like a dog, "Thank you for that."
In light of the tour being called Mermaids of Alcatraz, several girls and one guy dressed up in their best mermaid costumes for the opportunity to stand on stage and sing with the band.
Who knew Patrick played the saxophone??? Not me!!
Even more unexpected than the sax ,and a very fun part of the night, was when everyone cleared the stage except the drummer, who did a very cool solo to some crazy dubstep music. And later, we'd be surprised once again by a cover to Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us". 
After inviting the country singer Ashley Monroe on stage to sing her part of their new radio song "Bruises", she stuck around to sing a love song of her very own, "Weed Instead of Roses". Have you head it? It's pretty catchy.....almost as catchy has my Hunny's new song.
To close it out, the encore "Drops of Jupiter" was dedicated to Kidd, and I left pleasantly satisfied with by a super fun concert that I never would have bought tickets to on my own, but am so glad I went. 

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