Thursday, August 29, 2013

Make Someone Smile Today

The thing about people is, they can never all agree on something. But most of the time, that's okay. Being an individual comes with a unique thought process, and the thing I enjoy about social media is being able to see lot's of different thought processes on any given subject. Sometimes it can open my mind to a new way of thinking, or sometimes it can just make me giggle, like the conversation below. 
 And since we're giggling: 
After trying to convince me I needed to buy a particular sweater (IN AUGUST!) because it was "really cute", "all the girls are buying it for back to school", and "it would lay over my boobs good", the same girl in this boutique that wouldn't stop talking to me asked how old I was. "What?!? You don't look a day older than 21.....Well, just between you and me, today you are 21."
Girl, you're a little craycray.....but okay.....sure. 
It reminded me of an incident a few weeks ago, when I tried to buy spray paint and got carded. Getting carded for alcohol is one thing, but spray paint brings it to a whole new level of flattering! And all cases like that need to be documented, for I know one day, the chances of it happening will be ancient history. 
Although I really am okay with my developing age spots and the fact that I only have 14 more months of being in my 20's, I can't deny that I love people lying to me about looking younger. Cheers, to those who make it a point to say something to someone just to get them smiling. 



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