Monday, February 25, 2013

Too Much Fun to Sleep

No stranger to road trips, I love being trapped in a car for hours on end with my Hunny Bear. They regularly consist of infamous amounts of singing and seat dancing, lots of hand cuddles, and discovering tiny town's quirks.
"Quirky" like this walk-in sonic that refused to use their window, and instead made us call them on a telephone attached to the middle of a table with insultingly specific instructions such as, "Read Menu First. Pick Up Receiver", next to a fake man that suspiciously looked like a very close cousin to Conan Obrien, sitting on a fake horse, standing on fake grass.........did I mention they refused to use the window? A girl actually walked away from the window we were waiting by, and came out into the diner to get our money and bring our food.
Texas is so proud of it's cattle, hoarding herds in every pasture within visible range isn't showcase enough. It's a rule that from small town to big city, fake cattle must be displayed for all to see, so everyone knows just how awesome our cows are.......
We reached our Denver destination in the wee hours of the Friday morning and little Teddy, my new sleeping partner for the next few days, proudly wasted no time taking his perch. He never once moved, not even when I rolled over on him, causing a squeaky noise to escape his tiny snout. 
After a short nap we decided, what better way to get acclimated than for a run in the mile high city???
Of course, we were quick to replenish our energy with a traditional pit stop at the Breckenridge Brewery, where we filled up on pulled pork, the most delicious wings you'll ever put in your mouth, and tasty beer. 
A Light-Rail later, and we were in downtown Denver to spice up the city and wait for Greg to get off work.

Sometimes I make funny faces when I get really exciting about things. This time it was a reaction to happy hour appetizers of Bacon Peanut Brittle and Fried Wisconsin Cheese Curds at Lucky Pie Lodo.

I hoarded the food while the boys got drunk off of water from these cool looking mason jars that I would have considered stealing had my purse been big enough. 

Before we knew it, we were at Blake Street Vault turning over our ID's for confiscation just to get our hands on a Moscow Mule in a real copper mug.

Greg gave us a tour of his fancy downtown office building and I think we handled ourselves in a very mature manner while there. After all, we were in a professional setting. It's completely normal to pose for silly pictures using the glass elevator doors while the security guard isn't looking, isn't it?......And Lindsey only got yelled at once for running around and around in the evolving front door.
I guess Denver is proud of buffalo like Texas is proud of cattle?
Probably one of the most entertaining parts of the night is when we asked this poor sap to carry all 4 of us to our destination. I'm pretty sure it started out as a joke, but I guess he needed the money pretty bad, becuase he actually said, "I'll try."
We took that has a "yes" and ran with it.........well, actually sat with it, and laughed our faces off in the wind while he worked his ass off.
I don't know how much his carriage contraption weighed, but just us 4 passengers combined was around an extra 630lbs of dead weight!!
The views were spectacular, but after a good chuckle and several blocks, we cut the ride short out of pure pity.
Once the man horse was properly tipped, it was off to Stu's house to pay a visit and celebrate his birthday.
We got all caught up on the the small things in life, met the neighbors, and had a blast with the little speed-racing-bumper-car-loving-blondie a the top of the Stu-pyramid, who's probably grown another inch just since I've taken this picture!! I'm not sure who was entertained more that night, him or us......  
One blink and the day was over, our bedtime lurking around the corner. We'd be waking up before sunrise and I was having dreams about being tired but having too much fun to sleep.

Do you sacrifice sleep on vacation or use vacation for resting?


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