Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Enjoying Nature in it's Baldness

Not only did my legs need a little breather, but Patrick and I needed to make sure our hiking shoes were nice and comfy, so we headed out to the Oak Point Nature Preserve to enjoy some dry land before the big thunderstorms rolled in. 
I've yet to see this place in it's prime, but still think it's totally beautiful with all the bare trees hugging the winding creek. 
I'm not sure what's up with this albino tree sprouting out of the ginormous log, but love it's uniqueness. 
Does anybody else spot something like a collapsed tree laying over the span of a water and immediately have to fight the urge to see if they can cross it? It was like a free mud run was made by nature, just for me, luring me to come play. 
I'm no geologist and I'm betting you aren't either, but isn't it fascinating to see the layers of the earth? I wonder if we can just bring a couple of floaties down there this summer and let the dog run around while we chill in the peacefulness and admire this view. 
The 2 miles we covered entailed so many diversities for such a retrospectively small place nestled in the city. 
The puppies, of course, loved every minute of their adventure. 
"What will I smell if I stick my nose over here?" "What will I hear around the next bend?" "I wonder if I start running and pull really hard on my leash if those pokey humans will put some pep in their step?"
We got home just in time to clean out/organize the garage and detail the inside of both our cars under the sprinkling clouds before dark. Then I made some homemade chili, in leiu of the mild cold front, to eat with some tamales and watch movies after a pleasantly productive day. 

What's your idea of a productive Saturday?


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