Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Strange Month

I'm so glad my husband doesn't behave like the typical "man cold" victim; otherwise who would take care of me when I'm not feeling up to par?
Lets be old and talk about the crazy weather, shall we?
It's literally been warm and sunny......
Frigid and snowy.......
Medium cold and weepy......
And back to warm and sunny again..............all in a matter of days........for weeks now. 
To top it all off, the beautiful sun showed it's face every day of my working stretch while I bid it adieu at sunrise and slept until dusk, only to completely disappear behind a mask of dingy dullness for my stretch off. 
All this titter-tottering has everyone I know in a constant state of sickness, and although I haven't been stricken with anything diagnose-able, have battled a strange lethargy lasting the entire month of January. 
.......which is why I can't seem to muster the energy to put away a single pair of my shoes after removing them directing in front of the couch (the socks are on the coffee table because the dogs carry them off when I leave them on the floor, which is probably why I have so many singleton socks.....and I promise I clean the coffee table before visitors come over....if I have the energy.
 Oh look! Winter boots and flip flops in the same week!
It could also be contributing to my mild psychosis, which didn't seem to amuse the old veteran in front of me at Tom Thumb when I thought the two North Texas Food Bank bags sitting at the end of the conveyor belt were his and that maybe he just forgot to scoot them forward with his case of beer, so I put it all together for him, and after the cashier rang it all up, he wondered why he was purchasing food for donation. I quickly admitted to my doings and apologized, laughing about the silliness with the cashier and the person behind me......but the old veteran's face remained sternly serious and annoyed and he refused to look my direction.........ummm.....can we say, "Awkward?!?!?"......
But at least the puppies got a make-over! 
And after months of complaining about having to wear glasses all the time, Patrick FINALLY went to the eye doctor to get new contacts!!
January was a really strange month, so here's to expecting better things from February!!!

What's your most awkward grocery store story? Do you get sick when the weather is so fickle?


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