Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Embracing My Crazy

A few weeks ago Patrick and I went to sleep watching Family Guy on Adult Swim, known to the day-time world as Cartoon Network. The next morning we hit the power button, got distracted, and didn't change the channel for a little while. We came to two realizations.
#1 Cartoon's these days are weird. 
They are nothing like they used to be. Must.....Find.....Looney Tunes DVD's.....and save them for our children.
#2 And so it begins our journey as clueless parents.
The strange looking characters were standing by a large aquarium and one of them said, "I just love animals. They make me feel so calm." This brought a question to my mind. Are fish "animals"?
From there, we did what modern day couple would do: turned to Google for an answer.
Then Patrick started spurting out a whole bunch of words I'd never heard in my life, to the point that I thought he was either making it all up, speaking a different language, or had a severe stroke. Still confused on the actual answer, we were sure about one thing: we are in big trouble when Dillon starts going to school.
To even further crush my ego, a couple of weeks ago we had a meeting with a lender to get pre-approved to buy a house (a goal we hope to meet in the next 6 months). I asked him one question and after a 15 minute long answer consisting of a plethora of facts so far over my head they might as well been in outer-space, I sent my Dad a telepathic message, thanking him for suggesting I become a nurse.
I obviously know nothing and must function in the real world by some sort of God's grace.
So, in the spirit of being clueless, or since one day my son is going to think I'm crazy anyway (because all mom's are crazy for one reason or another) and I might as well live up to it, or just because I can, I hollowed out a massive pumpkin (thanks to Nana for finding and delivering the massive squash to aid my mission) and put my baby in it.
I'm going to be completely honest; I don't think he was a fan. Actually, he was happy as a clam standing up, but after I karate chopped the back of his knees to get him squished into the clammy, slimy, weird smelling squash, he decide that wasn't exactly his idea of a good time. Cracking a smile was clearly out of the question, but at least he humored me long enough to snap a couple of non-screaming pictures after he realized he wasn't dying and definitely wasn't getting out........and then he decided to taste it, which brought on the water works again. I guess squash won't be our official first solid food to try!!!

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