Sunday, October 26, 2014

#dillonaday Weekly Roundup 19

#1 All the chicks at the garden were diggin' my style today.- October 19
#2 Ever wonder why my skin is so flawless? I get a few baths a day.....mostly by Callie. - October 20
#3 "I would flex, but I don't want to rip another tee!" Feeling happy and strong after a successful swim class and a refreshing bath.- October 21
#4 Growing like a weed. - October 22
#5 It's true; I'm in a pumpkin. I know I know.......I tried to tell Mom she was crazy, but I guess she doesn't speak baby babble. - October 23
#6 I figured it was about time I spiced things up and rolled over all on my own, but first I waited until Mom and Dad weren't looking, so I could surprise them with my trickery!! - October 24
#7 Showing Dad a good time on this fine Saturday night while Mom is out making the $$$. - October 25

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